Below is a list of ministries at Christ of Calvary Covenant Church. 

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  • Prayer Ministry

    Morning Glory

    We are a community of believers that share a common bond, it is to critically communicate with God through individual and collective prayer. Weekly and monthly opportunities are created to pray within the collective community. Morning Glory is led by Dr. Rogers three times a week beginning at 5:30 am on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Morning Glory is engaged over a telephone conference line. This early morning pray engages all callers. Typically the time is 30 minutes following conversation follows that permits deep reflection on faith and practice.   

    Afternoon Hour of Power

    Every afternoon during the week (M-F) beginning at 1 pm the church conference line is open for prayer with a mother of the church. If you desire seasoned prayer warriors to support you in prayer and if seeking wise personal counsel on issues of life. The afternoon prayer hour is supported by a Christian caregiving community that know the power of prayer and that compassionately pray for favorable outcomes for people struggling with complex life situations.

    You can join us at 302-202-1102 | Access Code: 102320

  • Covenant Catechism Academy (CCA)   

    The mission of  CCA is to advance Biblical literacy and moral development of youth and adults through training material that explores God’s movements in history, culture, covenants, and overall spiritual development from a Judeo-Christian perspective. CCA utilizes creative processes that are fun and engaging to test student practical knowledge. The goal of CCA is to provide learning opportunities for students interested in deepening their contextual understanding of Jesus Christ. In an effort to build the confidence of students to share the gospel and defend their faith in practical ways.

  • Deacon's Ministry

    The deacons serve in concert with the pastoral ministry to teach, pray for and provide overall care for members. They serve to assist in problem solving challenges that members face in the congregation. Deacons are required to complete an ordination process, serve public communion, and are required to preach. The deacons are also responsible for sharing the gospel with the wider community. In addition their service is meant to improve life in the local community.  

  • GracePoints (Bible Study)

    Every Wednesday the Senior Pastor hosts Bible studies via Facebook Live on his page (Rodney D. Rogers) or on the prayer line (for those who do not have access to the internet). After teaching, there is opportunity for questions and discussions. Join us at 6 pm! 

  • Mothers Board Ministry

    The seasoned woman of the church are organized to support the work of the church, communicate with the sick and shut in, pray, engage with younger woman, and provide social opportunities for gathering the senior populations in the church and community. In addition, the Mothers Board works to improve the physical conditions of the church through fundraising events and advices leadership in strategic planning.

  • Cafe's Ministry

    Café is a term used for informal and formal small or large group gatherings. Topics are selected in advance and can include any topic of interest that may be relevant to a contemporary issue. Cafés are a safe place where conversations about anything can take place. It is a NO judgement zone! Typically, light food and beverages are served, and the café leader is the person capable of facilitating the conversation with provocative questions and mature insights. Rules for the Café are simple: (1) We shall not judge another (2) We shall speak truth and be willing to listen to different perspectives without getting upset (3) We shall respect everyone (4) We shall engage everyone (5) We shall remember to love each other. 

  • Children Learning Community (CLC)

    During our worship experience Sunday mornings children and youth  are at liberty to engage in church in unique ways without being fully separated from the adult experience. We have created a fun corner for all children and youth,  usually referred to "kid's corner" with tables, chairs, books, arts & crafts, games, and so much more. The expectations are that the children and youth can learn together about Christ, faith, love, and hope in an open communal process that permits interaction and directed learning. The fruit has already become evident. Children and youth are engaged at a level that brings meaning and fulfillment. 

  • Youth & Young Adults

    Our Youth Ministry is a loving judgement free zone for all. Engaging children to young adults. This ministry focuses on molding the minds of our youth, equipping them with a strong spiritual foundation, as well as aiding them in reaching their full potential in all all aspects of their lives. We look forward to you meeting you soon!

  • The Legacy Group

    Legacy Group is a ministry that supports the vision, care, and intergenerational mandate of Christ of Calvary Covenant members. Members of this group are at minimum 62 years of age. We recognize that Legacy Group members are a stable and responsible class of parishioners that have raised their children, taken care of their parents, occupationally retired, they are faithful to the church’s vision, and they view their life from the perspective of desiring to pass on to the next generation something of value. It is stated, “The requirements of a legacy are that you embrace your uniqueness, passionately immersing your whole self into life so that your gift will be to all and that you take responsibility to ensure that it will have a life beyond that of you, its creator, outliving and outlasting your time on earth.”

    We as a church family honor the Legacy Group’s experience, dedication, integrity, love for Christ, and unselfish service to others. Members have been tasked with making every effort to pass along what God has so gracious gifted them with to others for the benefit of continuous equipping of people for Kingdom service. The purpose statement for the group states, “Your life is a gift we must determine together the best way to distribute your gift of life to others. Christians that do not take seriously the original mandate to be fruitful and multiply will inevitably limit their legacy thereby limiting the call by God to be fruitful in Christ.” Col. 1:9-10

  • Empowerment

    The empowerment of our young people and young adults here at Christ of Calvary is important. We view the purpose of gathering, supporting, listening, and mentoring this age group for future leadership in the community and church as extremely important. In most cases, these groups have a fresh perspective that is needed especially regarding assisting the church in staying in tune and instep with current realities within contemporary society. We consider this group in search of their life purpose and position within both the church and community. We at Christ of Calvary seek to support that search by encouraging mentoring relationships, providing fun and enjoyable opportunities to serve and play both in various ministry context in and outside the church. In addition, to supporting their journey to become biblically equipped to represent their faith in very complex and diverse religious times. Empowerment in vision, biblical knowledge, personal growth and self-discovery is the goal in this group of exceptional people.

  • Missions Volunteers

    Mission volunteers are selected annually by the pastor to experience the Christian witness of others serving in a variety of different ministries in service to vulnerable populations.  Individuals in the church are selected to take part in service projects, evangelistic efforts, and to learn practical ways to positively impact communities for the gospel. Missions volunteers’ range in age from youth, to young adults, and seasoned adults that have a demonstrated a passion for community building and collaborative ministry. 

  • Power Night

    Typically the first Friday of each month, members of the church and the community are invited to come together in the sanctuary during the evening at 7pm. Power night is the collective seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit to be given instruction on what is important to pray for in the personal and collective life of members, the community, and work of ministry. Power night consist of being immersed in quite reflection, open prayer declaration, scripture reading, and prophetic pronouncements. The duration is typically not less than 3 hrs. There have been occasions where believers remained in place for more than 10 hours.

  • Adventurers

    Adventurers are Mid-Lifers that range in age of 45-61, individuals that have turned a significant corner in life and are now making meaning of life differently than in the earlier years. They have in many cases survived major life events and may have concerns about their sense of purpose in life.  Adventurers are people with a great deal of responsibility and knowledge but are also limited with time when it comes to venturing into new self-discovery opportunities. In some cases, they may feel that they’ve done enough and may not be flexible in their mindset to try something different at this stage of the life cycle. Christ of Calvary has a vision for supporting Adventurers collectively and individually. Our aim is to assist Adventurers in the enhancement of their sense of purpose and personal self-fulfillment. This group will be gathered to provoke and support bold thinking concerning an ‘aging gracefully in Christ’ mindset. Many of the activities will be planned to support the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the group. In addition, activities will be designed to provide enjoyable yet stimulating conversations and outings that will challenge limiting cultural perspectives that give way to feelings of isolation and discouragement. We believe that Adventurers are people in need of authentic conversations and needful fellowship that is constructive and life giving.

  • Compassionate Care in Crisis Ministry

    The entire membership has and continues to be engaged throughout various local, national and international social conditions and a beacon of love and faith. The members have served hot meals and groceries to families in need, and provided shelter and clothing to people in need. Members have engaged in capital campaigns that have sent needed supply of water and funds to targeted communities in the nation. Members have served as mentors and community liaisons when concerns in public education and public health matters that disadvantage vulnerable members of the communities in West and Southwest Philadelphia.